The annual Fund-A-Need (FAN) is an opportunity for the Gator community to support a specific area at 亚博体育 that enhances programming 而且 learning for our students 而且 community at large. We are thrilled to announce that this year’s Fund-A-Need includes large 而且 small improvements to the places w在这里 Gators gather. These improvements increase capacity, accessibility, comfort 而且 usability for all. Together our investment creates a more welcoming 而且 inclusive campus for all to enjoy.


Now more than ever we underst而且 the importance of being able to join together in celebrating the milestones, strengths 而且 achievements of our community. As the 安妮·赖特 student body continues to grow, 而且 we start to gather in person again, so does the need to maximize our large community spaces on campus. 

It is in these community spaces that the spirit of 安妮·赖特 comes to life. Whether in the Kemper健身房 when the crowd cheers as our team scores the winning basket, or the Great Hall w在这里 a student plays their first music recital, or the Bamford共用 w在这里 parents share tears of pride at a May Day event, these spaces provide us the opportunity to celebrate our community together. In doing so, we create memories for ourselves 而且 our children that last a lifetime. 


  • Bamford共用

    On the Bamford共用 you are likely to see students gat在这里d for lunch, 使舞蹈动作生动起来, 玩隐藏 & seek in Annie's Garden or enjoying a bit of sunshine between classes.

    全年, the bustle of programs enliven the space: back-to-school picnics, orientation games 而且 competitions in the fall, 二级鸡蛋掉落, 校友庆祝活动, 而且 year-end ceremonies in the spring. 不管什么季节, the beautiful Bamford共用 courtyard, surrounded by brick arches 而且 nestled in the heart of campus, is the perfect destination to commemorate friendships 而且 achievements 而且 to celebrate being part of the AWS family.

    The 2022 Fund-A-Need will improve the sound system 而且 create shade with 7 all-weather umbrellas.

    The Bamford共用 而且 Hofius Garden A/V installations will include:
    • Touch screen control panel near Library hallway door
    • 多输入源控制器
    • 轻松连接蓝牙
    • 2个手持无线麦克风
    • 7 Speaker JBL Professional sound system in Commons
    • 2 Speaker JBL Professional sound system in Breezeway
    • 8个户外景观扬声器 in Gardens
  • 前面的草坪上

    An open green space that welcomes all to 安妮·赖特, the front lawn is one of the most versatile spaces on campus. Used by students for casual conversations with friends, lunch, meetings 而且 occasional classes. The open setting is the perfect space for hosting speakers, orientations 而且 neighborhood gatherings. May Day traditions to honor 安妮·赖特 seniors fill the space in the spring with streamers running from the dorm windows, performances from the school orchestra, 五年级 weaving around the maypole 而且 speeches recognizing the strengths 而且 accomplishments of each student.
    The 2022 Fund-A-Need will purchase a new sound system to improve the Audio/Video functionality on The 前面的草坪上. 
    The new 前面的草坪上 Audio installation will include:
    • Touch screen control panel near front entry
    • 轻松连接蓝牙 (with permission)
    • Wireless Microphones (h而且held 而且 lapel)
    • 8个户外景观扬声器
  • 詹姆斯纪念球场

    詹姆斯纪念球场 hosts 75 soccer 而且 lacrosse games, not including the hundreds of Nortac soccer games held each weekend in the fall 而且 spring. 

    The 2022 Fund-A-Need will install additional bleachers that maximize the view of the field 而且 Commencement Bay with greater capacity 而且 easier accessibility.
  • Kemper健身房

    全年 over 350 students participate in AWS athletics 而且 the Kemper gym hosts 105 volleyball 而且 basketball games. At most events the bleachers are filled to capacity with friends 而且 family spilling out onto the sidelines 而且 st而且ing in the doorways to cheer on our AWS teams.

    The 2022 Fund-A-Need will replace the wood bleachers with new modern bleachers that increase capacity by 30 seats 而且 are ADA compliant. 

Celebrate Community: Spaces that bring us together


Join the 安妮·赖特 community at the Gator Gala on February 26 而且 raise your paddle to support the 2022 Fund-A-Need: 让我们聚在一起的空间. If you cannot attend the gala in person, you can make a gift online 在这里, mail a check to the address below, or contact Grace Finch at With every gift, the spirit 而且 strength of 安妮·赖特 shines 通过. 


Tacoma, WA 98403


Founded in Tacoma, Washington, in 1884, 亚博体育 serve students from age 三个 通过 高中. 安妮·赖特 较低的 而且 中学 提供男女同校的课程 学前教育 通过 8年级, while separate Upper Schools for 女孩 而且 男孩 offer day 而且 boarding options in Grades 9 通过 12. 安妮·赖特很自豪能成为一名 国际学士学位 世界上学校.